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Forgiving Someone Who Sexually Abused You

By re-framing our concept of abuse, we can see that we are not victims of another's trespasses but co-creators of experiences that help us grow. American females are sexually molested 1 in 4...

Why Is Self-Awareness Important For Career Success?

Self-awareness is like good taste or humor. Although everyone believes they have it, it isn't necessarily the case. Self-awareness is ultimately a rare quality, though. Nevertheless, numerous advantages of self-awareness help people...

The Formula of Happiness

We propose several factors and their relationships as a strategy for achieving happiness in life. Happiness, of course, is a subjective construct. It is closely related to what one values in life. The...

Top 5 Things To Remember When You Feel Broken Inside

We are frequently pushed outside our comfort zones in this life. As a result, you might occasionally feel internally damaged. We give up and sink into despair and hopelessness because it all...

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Four Steps to Loving Yourself

Developing self-love is a process of speaking and acting according to your values, belief, and feelings. Self-acceptance is a critical component of self-love. Instead of negative self-talk, you are your friend, whispering words...

Are You Abused in Your Relationship?

You may be oblivious to indicators of abuse. Knowledge is power when it helps save lives. Spot abuse early and avoid tragedy. Domestic Violence Domestic violence can be emotional, physical, financial, or sexual. If...

Americans Aren’t Just Lazy Workers. They’re Just Lazy.

As a nation, have we become lazier in recent years? We exercise less, eat more 'fast food,' and work too many hours—all to our health. When did you last see the instructions before...

Mindfulness for Women

Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? Mindfulness helps soothe the mind and body. Try these five practices to achieve inner peace. Women are often busy juggling many responsibilities, trying to do multiple tasks at...

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