Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? Mindfulness helps soothe the mind and body. Try these five practices to achieve inner peace.

Women are often busy juggling many responsibilities, trying to do multiple tasks at once. As a result, many women feel burnt out. Mindfulness techniques are the key to rejuvenation, and they can help you do that. Sue Thoele, the author of The Mindful Woman, argues that mindfulness is a “great stress reliever…” Here are five of Thoele’s mindfulness practices to help achieve serenity.

The Body is a Map

We often ignore our bodies signals. Thoele recommends taking “…a few minutes to pay attention to how your body feels”. Usually, we don’t pay attention to signs that something is wrong. For example, when working in a high-stress job, I started having panic attacks at night. Because my body told me something wasn’t right. Our body is a beautiful map, pointing us to wisdom.

Change Thought Patterns

Our sensations result from the ideas that we have in our minds. There are weeds and thistles in the garden of your mind if you have negative, unhealthy, self-critical thoughts.

After recently experiencing depression, I realized how many negative thoughts I was thinking. By changing these thoughts, I changed how I was feeling. Changing thinking requires awareness and practice. The best method to do this is to notice when you are in a negative mood and find the thought attached to the spirit. Then, ask yourself, “Is this a helpful thought?”

Remain Positive

Having a negative view of life causes stress and tension. Thoele advises people to search for the positive, pleasant, and beautiful in everything. It will teach them how to emphasize the positive. It is the most crucial step.

Sometimes I get stuck with a list of negative thoughts about my life and feel overwhelmed and down; as soon as I focus on the positive, my mood changes. “How can I be positive today?” Positive people will get the most out of their day.

Return to the Breath

Thoele states, “Breathing is the best medicine. Not only does it keep us alive. But it can also interrupt negative thought patterns, bring new vitality to needy body parts, encourage deep sleep, calm quaking nerves, and give the brain a burst of energy and power, among its numerous advantages.”

When I forget to breathe, I become panicky. A quick solution is triangle breathing. You inhale for three counts, hold for three and breathe out for five. Repeat as necessary. Once you have relaxed, you can handle whatever situation you need to.

Chose Gratitude

Thoele clarifies, “Gratitude entails seeing and appreciating life’s riches… Emphasizing and appreciating the good causes your heart to expand, similar to how warm sunshine causes a flower to bloom “‘.

When I feel negative about my life circumstances, it helps list all the things I am grateful for. For example, feeling dissatisfied with my body transforms into feeling thankful for having good health. Being unhappy about the aesthetics of my living space turns into being grateful for having an affordable house to call home. Find as many things as you can be thankful for.

Mindfulness is a practice of changing your consciousness. So often dwell on the negative, becoming overwhelmed, stressed, and resentful. By tuning into your body and thoughts, you can find the solution to what is bothering you. A positive attitude and Gratitude can help you keep your mind on the positive. Finally, Breathing is a good technique for returning to calm.