Your vibes are at an all-time high if you frequently feel sympathetic, upbeat, and prepared to take on the day. Even on a terrible day, you’ll recover more quickly, and the negative aspects of your life won’t bother you as much as they formerly did. On the other hand, if you’re feeling uninspired, unmotivated, or overall blah, your vibrations are probably low, and it’s time to look into these five simple strategies to raise them again.

List of 5 Ways to Raise Your Vibration When You’re Feeling Low

Therefore, when we vibrate at a lower level, we frequently feel destructive emotions like rage, jealousy, and melancholy. So, start everything you desire and adapt these five activities.


Meditation can relax the mind, reduce anxiety and stress, and improve your understanding of your ideas and emotions. They are all vibrating activities! Spend time concentrating on your breath in a peaceful, relaxing environment (or make one for yourself at home with headphones). Don’t worry if your thoughts stray or become sidetracked; this is normal. Begin to bring it back to the breath by using compassion.

Do a Yoga Flow

Yoga poses inspire you to explore your body and mind more deeply, which releases trapped energy and raises your vibration. Additionally, your energy vibrates more when you move, so if you’re feeling particularly down, consider a flowing class like Vinyasa. A yin posture, such as a child’s pose, can significantly aid in system reset and mood elevation for tiredness.

Practice Mindfulness

An excellent technique to increase your pleasant vibrations is becoming more aware of yourself and your environment. After all, mindfulness can help us be more sensitive and thoughtful, which increases the likelihood that we would treat others and ourselves with kindness and compassion. Don’t let life slip you by; start being conscious.

Eat More Healthy, Sustainable Foods

Eat as many entries, plant-rich foods that don’t harm the environment as you can (think: no plastic). Most essential, pay attention to how eating particular meals makes you feel and avoid adopting a diet mentality in your quest for good vibes. Sometimes that enormous chocolate bar is the best decision for you regarding vibration.

Think Positive Thoughts

Since our thoughts impact our feelings, situations and events are frequently not as distressing as we perceive them. If your thoughts are too negative or problematic, you can discover that you are drawn to circumstances that support these emotions. The notion that our thoughts shape our reality has some basis in reality. Don’t avoid uncomfortable feelings, but also refrain from thinking negatively or excessively low vibrationally.


Several risk-free, efficient techniques improve your attitude and pleasant vibrations. Many are easy and uncomplicated: Get some exercise, get some quiet time, take a few deep breaths, and spend time being kind to the people you love (preferably in nature).