Everybody faces terrible days. Things make us more despairing about our day or the entire universe. Having good days and a more positive worldview is also normal. There is typically a balance between these two viewpoints. However, some people consistently live with a negative view.

Do you count among them? Here are some indicators that you are being too negative:

  • When you Meet Good News with Discouragement

When you hear wonderful news, you can be too doubting. But conversely, reacting negatively to good news indicates that you probably have self-limiting views about your worth and potential.

Instead, strive to have the attitude that not only is it true, but that you are deserving of the wonderful news.

  • When you Struggle with Compliments

Do you feel awkward when someone compliments you? Do you typically ignore or discount the other person’s praise? If so, you might be a Negative Nancy. Accept compliments gratefully instead.

  • When your Internal Dialogue is Mainly Negative

Negative people have negative thoughts in their brains. They have negative opinions about themselves and other people. A negative person’s mind is always racing with ideas like “Today is going to be terrible,” “I can’t count on him,” or “I’m not good enough.”

You can try to think more optimistically even if it can be difficult to stop your mind from thinking certain things. Use affirmations if you can. Affirmations might help you become more positive and cheerful.

  • When you Complain a Lot

Do you criticize your employer, your supervisor, or a coworker? For example, do you complain about the grocery store’s vegetable selection? You might be too negative if you often complain.

Instead, resolve to modify your ways. Find ways to make improvements or develop a new perspective.

  • When you Don’t Really Like People

People with negative attitudes readily reveal their dislike of people in general. You have friends, but chances are that even your closest friends have negative attitudes. If not, you can have difficulty relating to people, especially those who are too optimistic.

Be willing and proactive in getting to know people who aren’t exactly like you. Join a club or group for your hobby. Make friends with those who are more positive.

  • When you are Obsessed with the Past

People who frequently live in the past reflect on how wonderful or difficult their circumstances were in the past. There is nothing wrong with thinking back on good events from the past to get motivation and inspiration. But if your past is a daily reminder of how miserable your life is, it is likely a significant contributor to your negativity.

Instead, acknowledge that the past was merely a teacher. “Learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for the future,” stated Albert Einstein once.

Final Words

It’s acceptable if, after reading this list, you feel that you are being too negative. Don’t worry. You can be more positive anytime because today is a fresh day. Work on the recommendations that were made. You’ll soon realize that being more optimistic will help you attract more positivity into your life.