We can’t wait until we experience a massive amount of pain to get motivated to change.

We are all conditioned to move towards happiness and away from pain and discomfort. People hire therapists to find out what is wrong with them and receive treatment for their problems. In my experience, clients rarely lack knowledge of what is wrong with them or what is needed to improve. Self-motivation to change is always the limiting factor.

My transition from Behavioral Therapy to Professional Coaching was a natural and concise improvement resulting in quicker and more sustainable results for my clients. Coaching is action-oriented, which always results in goal achievement, whether the client and I deal with addictions, anger management, or obesity. My philosophy is that we devote 5% of our energy to the problem and 95% to the solution. Unfortunately, I have found that therapy is often the other way around, which explains why many people remain in therapy for years instead of days or weeks.

Awaken to your Potential and Thrive

People struggle with taking consistent action – applying what they know regularly. We are all self-driven by nature but have grown mentally lazy due to faulty acquired mental programming. Since birth, we have been taught to depend on people and things instead of ourselves. People are also conditioned to believe what someone tells them, often accepting it as fact at face value without verifying themselves. We forget about our intuition – our internal truth gauge that is available at every moment to direct our lives and verify whether someone or something is correct.

We do not have to wait until we experience a massive amount of pain to get motivated to change. A promising sign of emotional maturity is recognizing when a life adjustment is needed and taking action immediately. Pain is a great motivator, no question about that; There are times when we don’t get a second chance, like when we have a heart attack because we didn’t move for a long time.

Change starts and ends with self-honesty, which is born of self-love. Self-love is inherent; however, we forget who we are because of our acquired emotional and mental baggage. So, regardless of what people think of you, it’s essential to believe positively about yourself. Once you get beyond just intellectually understanding this and come to know this as truth, that you are the source of your psychosis, change starts to happen.

We must wholeheartedly take full responsibility for ourselves and realize there is no benefit in living below our potential. The momentary comfort that we experience by remaining complacent and content causes inevitable regression as growth is a continual process of forwarding motion.

Make a promise to live your best life and reach your full potential because when we live a low-quality life, we affect ourselves and the rest of the world.