Most people desire to get better at managing their time, particularly at work. However, a survey shows 89% of respondents said they waste daily time at work. Furthermore, being successful at time management becomes more complex as cell phones, social media, and regular emails distract us. However, if you follow these six suggestions, you’ll be on your way to less workplace distraction and more productivity.

  1. Set reminders for all your tasks

Understanding your deadlines and setting reminders are the keys to effective time management. For example, to give you time to get ready and gather your belongings, we advise creating a reminder for 15 minutes before a meeting or event.

  1. Create a daily planner

Make a list of the things you need to get done today, and if you learn about meetings or deadlines, add them to your list. Then, check off the items on your list as you finish them.

  1. Give each task a time limit

Note how much time you anticipate needing for each job on your daily to-do list. When the time is up if you still need to finish, stop and return to it later. It helps your mind to start over and see things from a new viewpoint to move on to other obligations and then return.

  1. Block out distractions

First, turn off your email notifications. Instead of checking your email every 15 minutes, schedule 30-minute fragments to do so. Be careful to focus on things other than work, such as your phone, social media, or your preferred online retailer.

  1. Establish routine

Create a work routine that is most appropriate for your position. Why is this crucial? To begin with, even if a chaotic day occurs, you will continue to follow your schedule and resolve the problem. You can only put something off if you follow your routine. Most significantly, your stress levels and mental health will appreciate it.