It’s Thanksgiving! Even though, try to be thankful all year long.

Happy Thanksgiving! But Try to be Thankful All Year Long
Happy Thanksgiving! But Try to be Thankful All Year Long

Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday, but there are many reasons to be grateful all year.

Be Thankful All Year

I love Thanksgiving. It is a great feeling to be thankful for everything in our life when everybody else is doing the same thing. This enormous mass of grateful energy coming together brings up lots of beautiful feelings in everybody. Thanksgiving is a day of peace, good feelings, good food, and good interactions with family. People try not to judge each other as much as they do on different days. Even newspapers and television have good stories to tell to conjure warm, positive, and thankful feelings in us.

Many people celebrate this day just because it is a tradition; it is something that everyone in society and their family has been doing for a while, so they also get on the bandwagon. I used to be like that. When I was younger, I celebrated Thanksgiving because everybody else did, but even if I wanted to, To be thankful and feel grateful for the essential things in life was something I didn’t know. I grew up thinking that material things could give me happiness; I believed that having more money in the future would make me a happy and grateful person.

After many pleasant and unpleasant experiences, I learned that material happiness is excellent but short-lasting. I also learned that daily gratitude is required for lifetime pleasure. So, though I still love Thanksgiving Day today, and I am extra grateful on that day, I strive to be thankful.

More money and more material stuff won’t make you happier. Neither will more recognition, more college degrees, and more awards. You may mistakenly believe they will. After all, it is nice to be recognized for something good that you did or to receive lots of money regularly. But these are temporary. They will fill a temporary gap, and once the excitement of the moment is gone, you have to go back to “chopping wood and hauling water.”

On the other hand, being happy and grateful for the things you have and for who you are NOW will create an unbelievable snowball of positive and grateful energy that will bring you much material and non-material wealth. It doesn’t mean you can’t have dreams and goals and want your life to become better and better. You can still have all of that, but you will only GET all of that if you are thankful now.

 Here is a starter list on the path to being thankful all year long:

  • Be Thankful for Your Health: health is the essential item of all; you can’t fully enjoy what life offers without health. You may earn more if you wish. But if you have lost your health, sometimes you cannot regain it.
  • Be Thankful for Being Alive in a Beautiful World: though we hear much bad news on television, radio, etc., the world is full of incredible people that are giving and grateful and do beautiful deeds.
  • Be Thankful for Having the Capability of Accomplishing Anything You Want: this is true for all human beings; if you think you can, you will.
  • Be Thankful for Little Things: be thankful for being able to sleep on your bed, to live where you live, to play or talk to your children, to have a car, do not have a car, to eat good food, to be able to walk, to be able to think and reason, etc. Gratitude for the little things can greatly enhance your life.

These four ways of being thankful are just the very beginning. Start a gratitude notebook, and every day, write five things you are grateful for. Make sure to share this with others. Then, every year on Thanksgiving Day, you can be thankful for how grateful your entire year has been.

“Thanksgiving points to a key lesson from the Law of Attraction: Practice gratitude. Counting our blessings increases our pleasure and energizes us. It’s physiologically impossible to be stressed/negative and thankful simultaneously. “Thanking your employees may excite and engage them.” – John Assaraf.


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