The start of a new year heralds many New Year’s Resolutions that are likely to go unkept. So beat the odds with these tips for keeping New Year’s Resolutions.

Millions of people throughout the globe make New Year’s resolutions. However, while New Year’s Resolutions are meant to be personal goals that help individuals be better people, unmet resolutions often leave people feeling as though they have failed themselves.

Keeping New Year’s Resolutions can be made easier with planning and self-checking throughout the year. These simple tips will help make your new year goals more achievable.

Set Specific New Year’s Resolutions

You need to establish clear objectives to know when you’ve reached them. For example, rather than losing weight or saving money, aim to lose 30kg or save $5,000. It will help you keep your target in sight and provide further motivation to continue with your resolution.

Resolve to Be More Realistic

Unrealistic aspirations lead to failure and disappointment. So while it is great to dream big, it is also essential to bear in mind the hurdles you may face while achieving your goal. For example, don’t aim to lose 100kg or save $20,000 as you are likely to become overwhelmed by the task and fall off the wagon.

Share Your New Year’s Resolution with Someone

By letting a friend or family member in on your goal, you will be establishing your cheer squad. This person will be able to check in on your progress from time to time, spur you on when you are losing faith in yourself, and help you celebrate your success at the end of it all. Then, of course, you may repay the favor by assisting someone with their resolution.

Take Baby Steps Toward Your Goal

Many resolutions are made to break years of bad habits such as smoking, spending, or overeating. It can take a long time to shake these habits, so begin by setting small goals such as “not to buy new clothes for a week,” then a fortnight, and then a month. By taking smaller steps, you will experience small wins regularly and feel better about yourself.

Reward Yourself for Meeting Smaller Goals

As you achieve the small wins mentioned above, reward yourself for your hard work with something that will help keep you motivated. For example, if your New Year resolves to lose weight, celebrate your efforts with new clothes; opt for a lovely dinner (without the alcohol) if you’re trying to quit drinking. And if you’re trying to save money, reward yourself with something cheap or free but no less enjoyable, such as an hour-long bubble bath and home facial.

New Year’s Resolutions are set to boost our self-esteem and pride in our accomplishments. Adhering to these suggestions increases your chances of sticking to your commitment and enjoying a pleasant, productive new year.