Being accepted is something that almost all people want. After all, we evolved to thrive in social settings where getting along with others and earning respect and trust of our peers are the benchmarks for success.

Humans are social beings that desire connection, intimacy, and relationships with others. We all want to connect with people and feel accepted; part of that desire is caring about what other people think of us.

But what if you’ve started to give excessive importance to the judgments of strangers and friends? If you’re being held back by worrying about other people’s thoughts, we have some advice to help you stop.

Here’s how you can consider what others may think about you less.

5 Steps to Stop Caring What People Think of You

  1. Stop apologizing.

Say apologize if you’ve done anything wrong, and it’s right to do so in that circumstance. But resist the urge to constantly apologize for being who you are. There is no genuine reason to apologize for standing out from the herd, having differing beliefs, or caring about something important to you.

  1. Remember what is important to you.

Use your freedom to conduct actions that are motivated by your aims. Since this is your life, don’t try to impress others; instead, focus on what’s essential to you.

  1. Get out of your head.

Everyone will judge you. Yet it’s also crucial to remember that people don’t judge you nearly as harshly as your mind would have you believe. But why stress over things you can’t change? Instead, focus on making your decisions the best you can for your satisfaction since that matters most—how YOU feel about them.

  1. Be picky about who you surround yourself with.

Being around positive influences makes it simpler to be authentic and feel good about life than spending time with people who undermine your goals and drain the life force from your ambitions.

Even if living each moment as entirely authentically as possible is the ultimate objective, any progress is worth celebrating.

  1. Learn the appreciate the individuality of others.

Make an effort to celebrate and support others’ uniqueness. Avoid gossiping about people, having negative thoughts about people you don’t understand, and, most importantly, resisting the urge to pass judgment.