This article describes the concept of the law of attraction and discusses techniques to use in attracting that which is desired.

The law of attraction is a long-standing philosophical principle. Its general guide espouses the notion that whatever people say and think is what they attract. If they say and think negative things, then those things will materialize. However, if they believe and verbalize positive things, they will come into being. Thus, whatever people have drawn to themselves through their thoughts and words is what they have in their lives today.

How the Law of Attraction Works

Those who embrace the law of attraction believe that people will invite into their lives whatever they put their energy and focus on, whether they want it or not. For example, continually talking about debt will only bring more debt, while speaking of wealth will bring abundance. Likewise, dwelling on unhappiness attracts more sadness, while concentrating on blessings brings joy and contentment.

Applicability of the Law of Attraction

Affects every element of existence. It applies to material possessions, health, wellness, feelings, attitudes, and accomplishments. People develop their inner being by focusing on the information they bring into their minds. In relating this idea to an examination, the words “don’t fail” would focus on failure, while the words “be sure to pass” would draw attention to passing.

The Law of Attraction is used by individuals to actualize their wishes. So, for example, those who say they cannot afford a particular car will not get the car, but those who believe they can find a way to afford it will likely acquire it.

Techniques Associated with the Law of Attraction

There are some specific techniques associated with the law of attraction that people can use to create what they want in their lives. First, one must speak about what they want as if they already have it. Some people refer to this technique as telling the truth in advance. However, it should be used with excellent specificity. For example, someone who wants a new home might say, “We have a beautiful new home with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a gourmet kitchen with cherry wood cabinets, granite countertops, and marble flooring.”

Another helpful technique is visualization. Visualization is using the imagination to concentrate on what is desired. For example, someone who wants a brand new red sports car would create a visual image of precisely what is expected. The law of attraction espouses that the visualized particular thing will materialize.

Using Attraction to Shape the Future

People utilize the law of attraction to deliberately create what they want in their lives by focusing on the specific details and speaking as if they already have it. The power for creating comes from within. The process involves getting a clear mental image of what is desired, being excited about it, and getting very focused. That which is created in the mind will then materialize.