Fear can be so hindering that it hinders us from achieving our full potential or leading a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life, whether it’s fear of failure, rejection, or getting sick. However, you should not have to live in fear. In reality, when you don’t give in to it and stop accepting it, fear can be a great help. But first, you must complete the five tasks listed below to get there.

The following process can help you to overcome fear:

  1. Write down your fear list.

A fear list can ensure that you cross everything off your bucket list, but a bucket list is about reaching the stars. Make a list of your fears. Be a master detective, and keep an eye out for it. Does it suddenly emerge at your boss’s office? Do you worry about failing? Or fear of judgment? There are numerous scenarios and people that it may be. Do not judge or suppress your fears. Recognize and accept instead.

  1. Be willing to go through it.

We often steer clear of persons and situations that make us feel afraid. In some cases, our fear keeps us secure, but in others, it prevents us from reaching our full potential. Browse through your list of fears. Are there persons or circumstances that make you uncomfortable? Then, decide to stop avoiding certain events and people. Be prepared to face your fear before pursuing that ideal project, informing your management of radical thought, or asking your crush out on a date.

  1. Observe to dissolve.

You are, therefore, prepared to experience the discomfort that fear brings into your life. Great! How about using your influence to change it now? Every emotion produces a bodily experience. The feeling and sensation vanish when you simply observe them. Decide to be conscious of the emotion and sensation it causes in your body the next time your listed and unlisted worries knock on your door. Fear and the physical sensation will start to fade as you pay attention to it and give it your full attention.

  1. Raise your awareness.

Observing your worries, is not as simple as it may seem. When you are highly exposed and unaware, fear hits. However, you can raise your awareness and prana (your internal life force) by engaging in meditation and pranayama. Your anxieties will no longer be able to attack you once that occurs.

  1. Have faith

If you are unable to recognize the dread, that is also acceptable. Believe in a greater power, whether you want to name it God, the cosmos, or your inner self. Believe that force is looking after you. Your faith will aid in overcoming your anxieties.