Emotional energy, which may appear straightforward, is the power we draw from our emotions. Emotions are our energy source, and they vibrate at various frequencies. The joy, love, passion, and enthusiasm you experienced at that moment are regarded as high-frequency vibrations. It is very important to take care of your emotional health like you take care of your physical body. So, here are the top ways to increase your emotional energy.

Top Ways to Increase your Emotional Energy

Here are some suggestions for controlling your emotional energy to promote mental health.

  1. Do Things That You Love and Enjoy

This appears to be an easy task. When was the last time you consciously set aside time to do the things you love and enjoy? Consider blocking off some time this weekend to indulge in a truly enjoyable activity.

  1. Surround Yourself With Positive People 

After that, surround yourself with positive individuals and cut ties with those who are poisonous. If there is a toxic with a family member, attempt to minimize your time with them and maintain constructive conversations. At first, this could seem challenging, but if your energy is functioning on high-frequency vibrations, it will cause that interaction to vibrate more strongly.

  1. Learn to Say “No” Without Feeling Guilty

Saying no is acceptable. A “no” to someone is a “yes” to yourself. And the most significant person in the world is you. Without you, nobody would look after the people you love. In order to help others, first put your own oxygen mask on. Self-care is not being a jerk.

  1. Meditation and Mindfulness

It is the discipline of paying attention to any emotions without labeling them as part of oneself, just noticing them, and becoming inquisitive. There is no room for judgment when there is curiosity. Acceptance is considerably simpler to practice when there is no judge present.

Numerous studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can reduce stress and enhance physical and mental health by altering the brain and biology. Researchers analyzed more than 200 studies on mindfulness in healthy individuals and discovered that mindfulness-based therapy was particularly helpful for lowering stress, anxiety, and depression.


You are in charge of the energy you put in. Being aware of this is empowering. It implies that you—not the surroundings or other people—can influence your energy and mental health. You get to be the one who controls your life.