Pursuing Your Dreams

What is a dream? No, not your dreams. I’m talking about the ones that happen when we are awake. Dreams are those things that we would love to accomplish in our lives.

The problem with dreams these days is that they are hard to make into reality. No one dreams about something that is easily accomplished. For example, no one ever dreams of walking down the sidewalk because that is something that we do every day. There is nothing extraordinary about it. Hence, it cannot be a dream.

What I wonder is, are dreams too hard, or are we too lazy. What I mentioned before is accurate. Objectives are not easily accomplished, so many plans stay dreams and never become realities. We like to think of achieving something complicated, but we shrug it off as too hard when doing it.

Why don’t more individuals follow their passions?

Most of us lack the discipline to make a dream a reality. So many young boys, including myself, have dreamed of playing professional sports. We used to go out on the court or the field and imagine ourselves playing a professional game and making that game-changing play. Yet, when it came to working hard at the game to be better than anyone else around us, we quickly gave up at the first sign of opposition.

How many adults are the same way? How many of us have a dream job that we wanted and pursued, but when the first person in the industry told us, “no,” we quickly threw in the towel and settled seeking a paying job? How many of us have dreamed of looking a certain way, but when it came to eating less and exercising more, we quickly gave up and said it was all hopeless?

Dreaming is ok. We do it. It is only human to imagine our world how we would like it to be. What is wrong is to quit on your dream at the first sign of opposition. M.J. was dismissed from his tenth-grade squad. Imagine if he had stopped in his dreams as most of us do. We would never have seen one of the greatest players ever play the basketball game if he had left at the first sign of opposition. Don’t quit on your dreams!