Germany, filled with scenic castles, picture-perfect villages, and magnificent scenery, is the epitome of a romantic getaway. Here’s our pick of the top 10 couple spots to visit in Germany, catering to a variety of interests

  1. Neuschwanstein Castle

Dive into the fairytale world at Neuschwanstein Castle, which was the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disney World. Discover its stained-glass domes, appreciate the beautiful sceneries viewed from the tallest building, and make splendid memories as well.


  1. Rhine Valley Cruise

Sail along the Rhine River and catch sneak peeks of quaint villages surrounded with vineyards, and castle structures atop lofty gorges. Savor food from the ship’s restaurant, quench your thirst with wine from the region, and watch the beautiful view while holding hands.


  1. Mosel Valley Wine Tour

For a different perspective and a more personal experience than that of the Rhine cruise ships, rent a bike and cycle through the Mosel Valley. This area has beautiful greenhills of wine yards and the villages are full of charisma and there is a lot of time to spend lazing around. Hire bicycles to go for a sightseeing tour, visit the beautiful vineyards, and taste the delicious Riesling wines of the region in pairs.


  1. Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Imagine yourself as a tourist and take a virtual walk through the romantic Middle Ages town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Enjoy the old architecture with the half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets, wander through the fairy-tale-looking town square and visit such landmarks as Plvnlein, a photographers’ favorite.


  1. Heidelberg

This place is referred to as the “City of Romance” for good reasons. Take a walk through the Philosopher’s Path to see the beautiful scenery of the Neckar River and the red-colored Heidelberg Castle. Go for a romantic walk through the castle ruins or dine by candlelight in a secluded restaurant in a side street or sip coffee at an outdoor cafi and watch students in action.


  1. Baden-Baden

Take a break from the stress of the modern world and embrace the beauty of Baden-Baden, a renowned spa destination. For couples there are the thermal baths which are believed to have curative properties, a beautiful and well-kept Kurpark (spa gardens), and an elegant ambiance. In the evening, one can attend a show at the famous Festspielhaus or visit the beautiful Trinkhalle architecture.


  1. Berlin

Couples who are interested in something more active will surely enjoy Germany’s capital which is rich in history, culture, and night life. Tourism attractions include; The Brandenburg Gate, Museums such as the Pergamon Museum, Gemdldegalerie (Old Masters Picture Gallery), Spree River cruise, Roof-top dinner with city view. In the evening it is possible to go out to various bars or enjoy a play in one of the theaters.


  1. Saxon Switzerland National Park

Hike through the Saxon Switzerland National Park hand in hand and admire stunning sandstone rocks. You can hike to picturesque villages such as Bad Schandau set within picturesque valleys or ascend to the infamous Bastei _x0016_ a sandstone bridge that provides breathtaking views of the park. This park is breathtaking and well suited for couples who enjoy various activities in the outdoors.


  1. Lake Constance

Lake Constance is ideal for relaxation and outdoor activities for lovers. Enjoy a boat ride on the glistening water, disembarking to visit some of the picturesque villages and islands nearby such as Meersburg, a medieval town or Mainau, which is more commonly known as the flower island. Or you could take bicycles on rent and cycle along the beautiful coastline making it a cute and intimate date. For dinner, enjoy an exquisite seafood dish from a local restaurant by the lake and admire the brilliant shades of red that will grace the sky.


  1. Sylt

Get to Sylt’s an island in the North Sea, which boasts sandy shores, pleasant towns, and serene ambiance. Engage in leisurely strolls on the sandy shores accompanied by detached traditional thatched-roof houses, savor fresh seafood at the restaurant next to the shore, and share an unforgettable sunset. At night, book a comfortable ocean view suite with a fireplace and feel the calmness of the island.

Germany is equally accommodating to all kinds of couples. No matter what type of vacation type you might prefer, the fairytale, spa, or a wild adventure, couples are guaranteed to find their ideal romantic getaway destination in this stunning and colorful country. So, don your travel gear, take along your sweetheart and let your romantic tour begin in Germany!