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Discover the Ultimate Fashion Trends: #Greenpoint Look Inspiration

Comfort and style, frequently inspired by urban culture, are combined to create an urban style for women in fashion. It is generally distinguished by loose, informal attire like jeans, T-shirts, trench coats,...

H&M’s 2023 Sale: Unbeatable Deals with Up to 60% Off

Be sure to look at the H&M Next Sale 2023 chart to see if there are any upcoming H&M promotions. You want to make all H & M sales; trust us. H&M...

Greenpoint’s Spring 2023 Collection: Elevate Your Style with Trendsetting Women’s Coats and Jackets

The most stylish coats and jackets for spring 2023 that will complement current trends while still serving as classic pieces in your collection. from stylish ramones to traditional trench coats. Women's coats...

Stay Fashion-Forward this Summer: The Designer Cotton Clothing Edit

Since summer, We have swooned over high-end companies' newest spring/summer releases. Lighter materials like cotton, ideal for summertime designer cotton and linen apparel, dominate the runway as we witness yearly. These fabrics...

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Decision Making: An Interactive Look at Biases and Paradigms

When making judgments, separate fact from opinion. However, unconscious biases, prejudices, and paradigms dominate our conscious reasoning. Everyone has a limited worldview. The reason? Our brains can't process everything, at least not consciously. An...

Four Steps to Loving Yourself

Developing self-love is a process of speaking and acting according to your values, belief, and feelings. Self-acceptance is a critical component of self-love. Instead of negative self-talk, you are your friend, whispering words...

Are You Abused in Your Relationship?

You may be oblivious to indicators of abuse. Knowledge is power when it helps save lives. Spot abuse early and avoid tragedy. Domestic Violence Domestic violence can be emotional, physical, financial, or sexual. If...

Americans Aren’t Just Lazy Workers. They’re Just Lazy.

As a nation, have we become lazier in recent years? We exercise less, eat more 'fast food,' and work too many hours—all to our health. When did you last see the instructions before...

Mindfulness for Women

Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? Mindfulness helps soothe the mind and body. Try these five practices to achieve inner peace. Women are often busy juggling many responsibilities, trying to do multiple tasks at...

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